Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my day

Tuesdays are my day.

There aren't many days when I am kid-free and can do whatever I want to do. I have 5 hours every Tuesday to do just that while the kids are at school. I love being in my house alone to surf the web, watch my TV shows, or clean without little kids messing it up behind me. I love the quiet.

My dear husband messes it all up sometimes. You see, he works from home on Tuesdays. As horrible as it sounds, I always hope he has an important meeting and has to go in to the office. I cherish every minute of my alone time. Here is an example of why I would rather send him off to work...

Eric - Honey, I'm trying to work and your talking to me is distracting me.
Lisa - Ok, I will be quiet.
Eric - You trying to be quiet is like trying to get a dog not to bark. It's almost impossible. (said with a chuckle)

I couldn't be mad at him because it's true. It was almost torture to me to have him sitting at the table across from me and not be able to talk. So I shipped him off to the other room and pretended like I was alone.

Now it's back to reality and I'm off to pick up the boys. I'm always so excited to see them when I pick them up from school, I'm actually happy about sharing my Tuesday with them.

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Samantha said...

I'd LOVE a "me day"! I barely get a "me hour" without my husband calling & asking where I am! Uggg.... men!


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