Sunday, October 31, 2010

boo... hoo

My first year of blogging I published 245 posts. My second year it was 243. This year unfortunately, I did not keep up the trend. Three mobile kids, kindergarten, preschool, soccer, homework, housework, crafting and Bible study has kept me pretty busy. I may not have as much time for blogging, but I love it and never plan to stop.

Last week my computer got a nasty virus and I'm still not able to blog from it. Don't give up on me! I have
so much to blog about and I'm dying without my computer! I'm praying I don't lose all my pictures!

Have a happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Saturday we had another fun filled day of soccer.  Austin's game was up first. Our speedy little guy was awesome!  He took off right away with the ball and headed towards the goal.
And headed towards the goal again,

and again, and again!

 Our little soccer stud scored 4 goals!  He is a great defender too and is really good at anticipating where the ball is going to go and turning it around. After the game, we discussed playing without using his elbows quite so much. :) 

Taking a rest from all the running! 

Next up was Ethan's game!  Ethan kept right up with the ball and was in on all the action.

Ethan scored his very first goal!  He has been so close in the past and he did it this time!  We were sooo excited and so was he!  He had a great game and is enjoying this season.

We are very proud of our boys and look forward to many more soccer games in our future!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leisure Resort

  We spent last weekend with our friends Markus and Constanze at a gorgeous campground outside of Luling.  The view from our campsite was breathtaking.  You just can't beat huge trees, rolling hills and a beautiful flowing river.  The weather was perfect too!  It was cool and crisp in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.  It made a for a pretty perfect weekend!

I love camping.  It's so nice to be able to truly relax and not have to worry about laundry or any to do lists!  I actually got to take a nap every day and even took three naps on Sunday!  Lazy, but wonderful! 
The kids absolutely love camping too.  They especially love camping if it involves their best friends Julius and Vivian.  They all had fun collecting firewood so we could have a big campfire Friday night.  The pile they ended up collecting was huge!  We were able to have a fire for 3 nights with all the wood they collected.
Even Lauren helped collect firewood.

The campground wasn't too busy, so the boys were able to ride their bikes around the park.

The river was cold and flowing quickly, so the kids spent their time building a dam.  They worked on it for hours and were so proud of it.

Lauren enjoys camping now that she is bigger and can attempt to keep up with her brothers.

Ethan was very excited to take Spot camping with him.

Our explorer Austin loves climbing trees.

Our little mess Lauren sitting in her toy drawer in the camper.

Our friendly neighbors played their tejano music very loud one night and the kids had a blast dancing to the music. 

It was a wonderful weekend and look forward to more camping this fall!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The adventures of Spot

Hello!  My name is Spot and I am the classroom pet for Ethan's kindergarten class.  Each weekend I get to go home with a different child from our classroom.  I have a special journal I write in to document all the adventures I go on.  Thursday I got to go home with Ethan to spend the weekend! 

After school, I helped Ethan finish his homework that was due Friday. 

Friday morning, Ethan's mommy took me to the Teddy Bear Picnic to surprise Ethan.  I got to see all the kids in my classroom, their parents and their teddy bears.  It was so fun!

Friday after school, we drove to Luling to spend the weekend camping in Ethan's travel trailer. 

We climbed trees,

built a dam,
rode down the hill in the dump truck,

and I even got a piggy back ride!  It was a fun weekend and I'm really going to miss my buddy Ethan!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ethan's Teddy Bear Picnic

Ethan's kindergarten class did a study on bears and were able to bring their favorite teddy bear to school last week.  When Ethan got to school on Friday, his teacher told him that the bears were gone and had eaten all of her granola bars and left Legos all over the floor!  The class decided to go on a hunt to find where their missing bears had gone.  After searching the school, they found their teddy bears having a picnic on the playground!

The bears (and Spot) munched on grapes and biscuits & honey.

Ethan was excited that Spot got to go to the picnic too!
After the picnic, Ethan had fun burying his teddy bear under the dirt and gravel.  Boys will be boys!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

oh, the places we will go!

Today Ethan was able to bring his kindergarten classroom's stuffed dog Spot home for the weekend.  He is the adorable dog from this book...

The rules are simple... You can't get him dirty and you can't get him wet. 

Stay tuned to see what fun Spot gets in to!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


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