Thursday, August 29, 2013

Instagram catch up continued

My tunnel at work

My new obsession. 

Lauren and Madi had fun at the beauty salon. 

So love my baby girl. 


Kirby is so studious in her old age. 

Austin's old tablet bit the dust so Eric bought him another one. He's a sucker for Austin. 

Love Jack Allen's and love my neighbors! 

Instagram catch up!


Hammock time

Sweetie pie

Favorite tree in Wimberley

Sadie + bubbles = FUN

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lauren's fashion show

I've been saving fabric to make Lauren dresses for a long time. With my job and busy family schedule, I knew I would never get around to making them myself. I asked our sweet neighbor at Market Days to sew them up for Lauren and she did a great job!

I sure love this little girl. She is so much fun!


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