Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lauren's 5th Birthday Rainbow Dash Party!

We celebrated Lauren's 5th Birthday with a Rainbow Dash party!  She knew she was going to have ponies in our backyard, but she did not expect to see a rainbow unicorn.  She was so happy!

The rainbow cupcakes were a big hit with the kids.

Lauren got to ride all the ponies.  Poor Felisha was leading Lauren and the horse kept trotting.  Felisha had no idea it was because Lauren was kicking the horse!  Our sweet Lauren is a firecracker!

Ethan looked so big riding the smallest pony!

Poor, poor pony...


The obligatory group picture looks similar to Ethan's 3rd Birthday party.

 Family shot minus my dad.

The party scene included a rainbow photo booth.

Lauren loved the cake my mom made her.

She loved it even more when we cut into it!

Happy Birthday Lauren!  We love you very much!


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