Monday, September 15, 2008

goodbye paci

Yesterday was a hard day in my poor Austin's life. We decided at almost two and a half, it was time to say goodbye to his pacifier.

Our strategy was to give Austin one pacifier with the tip barely snipped off. (Apparently it doesn't suck quite the same that way) We hid all the other ones and I put some in his special box.

Austin's first nap without the pacifier was hard. He cried for 30 minutes and finally fell asleep. If we gave him the snipped paci, he would say "I want my other paci!" in the most pathetic, sad voice you have ever heard. I almost gave in, but tough mommy prevailed.

Nighttime was hard too. He sobbed for 30 minutes until I almost ran in and gave him all 10 pacifiers just to make him happy. My pregnant hormones just could not handle it. Instead, Eric layed down with him and helped him go to sleep. Too bad Eric won't be here today during nap time!

Austin was a paci boy from the start. His paci love grew more and more each day. I have to admit, we loved the paci too. It could silence my vocal son in an instant. He has been a great sleeper and his paci was a huge part of it. He would fall asleep sucking on it like it had the last bit of water in it on earth. He would have one in his mouth and one clutched tightly in his hand.

Pacifiers have always been a big hit around this house. Hopefully they will be extinct around here until the end of February when we will immediately stick one in baby #3's mouth upon birth.

It really does break my heart to take my sweetie's favorite accessory away. I had a really hard time making the decision to do it because I know it brings him so much comfort and happiness. I know it's time though and I don't want his teeth to look like Bugs Bunny from having a pacifier until he's 5. So now is the time. I'm praying each day gets easier on my little sweetie. and me too.


erica said...

Awwwww. The sweet baby picture with the paci and blankie melts my heart. Absolutely melts it. I'm so glad you're having another baby so that we can all experience baby love again.

Samantha said...

It WILL get easier! Soon he won't even remember it! Stay strong Mommy! You're doing the right thing! I know it breaks your heart...

Sherry said...

Advice from Uncle Russ: Every time you want to give in, think about the money you will save on braces.

Advice from Aunt Sherry: Give him the paci. He's only a baby once. He'll probably have to have braces no matter what.

Mindy said...

I never had to do that, so I don't have any advice. The baby pic is sooo sweet!! Sherry's right though, Logan never had a paci or sucked his thumb and you should see his 2 front teeth!

Raising Kaitlyn said...

Goodbye Paci....I am so excited for you. I know it's hard and I am sure you stuck to your plans. You go! I love the pics too.

Raising Kaitlyn said...

I remember the days....just stick to what you want and do what you say.....OHHHHHH......Bless him.


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