Tuesday, September 2, 2008

campin' in San Marcos

Camping trips are always fun. We have officially become addicted to camping. There is just something about hanging out with friends, spending quality time with the kids and relaxing that we love. I will admit it is a lot of work to pack up the camper, set it up and then break it down a couple days later. It's so worth all the work though when you see your kids having so much fun. They are just so happy when we are camping and it makes it all worth it.

Here is some of what they did...

Caught grasshoppers, frogs and hunted raccoons.

Their Daddy let them climb on top of a rock that was entirely too big for Momma's comfort. The picture on the left shows just how high they were!

They had fun eating at our favorite restaurant the Gristmill. We can't be within an hour of that place and not stop by to eat. The boys are probably sick of hearing how we met there!

They raced in the park

They took turns pushing each other around in the dump trucks.

Acted goofy of course.

Squashed 7 kids in our bunk beds to play.

Played at the campground park.

Ate junk all weekend because they had too much fun to stop and actually eat a balanced meal.

Went fishing and actually caught a little fish.

Stayed up till 10 (WAY past their bedtime), but were having sooo much fun playing in the dark, we couldn't ruin the fun to make them go to bed. Truth is, they haven't seen the dark that many times in their lives!

The adults had fun too! Everyone went tubing Saturday and Sunday while I stayed at the camper with the boys. I can't complain though, because I got to take a big fat nap.

I loved drinking my non-alcoholic beer. You just can't camp in the summer without beer, even if it is Odouls.

Our old friends Richard and Erin stopped by to see us. We had a great time catching up!

I had several soak it all in moments this weekend that makes all the laundry and unpacking I have to do now worth it.

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Mindy said...

That sounds like fun. I'm glad to see that you've already been able to make such a wonderful tradition for your family!


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