Monday, September 29, 2008

craigslist woes

I love Craigslist. I've made and spent a lot of money buying and selling things on there.

The money I made today was bittersweet. We sold the boys train table. It was in the room that started off as a baby room, changed to a playroom and now has returned to a baby room. We just didn't have room for it anymore.

We decided to have the buyers come pick it up during the boys' nap. Ethan never fell asleep, so he was awake. We kept him out of the living room so hopefully he wouldn't notice the train table was missing. He did notice.

My poor baby pointed to where it once had been and said "where'd the train table go?". He looked really sad. I almost lost it, but instead I said "we can still play with your trains on the coffee table or the floor". He was so happy when he realized he still had his trains. No, we aren't that pressed for space that we sold his Thomas the train tracks and trains. I plan on keeping them forever in a box on top of his closet to give to my grandchilden. I'm so glad our little sweetie is just fine playing with his tracks all over the living room floor. We will see what happens when Austin wakes up from his nap...

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