Monday, June 13, 2011

Yogi Bear Lonestar 2011

Tuesday we loaded up the camper and headed to Waller for our second annual camping trip at Yogi Bear Lonestar Park. Last year we scoped out the best camping spots and secured them a couple months ago.  We had a great spot next to the craft center, Yogi stage, pond, water park and outdoor movie theater.   

We rented a golf cart again this year and the kids had so much fun going on golf cart rides.


The Kuenstlers joined us camping for the first time!  Madison was great with Lauren.  She brought books from home to read to her. It was so cute!

Matthew and the boys had fun playing with Legos.

It was nice to be so close to the outdoor movie theater.  We ate dinner every night outside while the kids stayed up late watching a movie.

The boys had fun painting ceramics in the craft center.  Ethan painted a horse to look like Cutter and Austin painted a colorful snake.  

Gege and Granddaddy joined us Thursday and brought Jake with them.  The kids were so excited to spend time with their cousin!

 The kids and I kareoked on Yogi's stage.  The boys were supposed to dance while I sang "No One Needs to Know", but only Lauren joined in.  At least they were up there with me for moral support.
The next night the kids had fun dancing on stage with Yogi and Boo Boo.

Gege brought birdhouses and wooden cars for the kids to paint.  She sure knows how to keep the kids happy!

We had the best time at the water park!  Even Lauren went down the twirly slide this year. 

The kids did great at swimming.  Lauren swam around in her awesome Puddle Jumper and by the end of the first day, they boys were diving underwater for torpedoes.  We were so proud of the kids.

The big slide was awesome.  The kids loved it and so did the adults.

Look how much air Eric caught!  Crazy!

We went fishing in Horseshoe Pond and caught a bunch of fish!

It's always fun to fish when the fish are biting!

We saw a beaver up close at Horseshoe Pond!  I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the kids.

Friday night the Millers and Simmons joined us and we celebrated Ryan's 6th birthday. 

We had jump rope contests with our makeshift glow stick jump rope.  Fun times!

It was a really fun trip and we are already looking forward to next year!


erica said...

Great pictures. Looks like everyone had an amazing time.

Jennifer said...

That looks like the BEST vaca!!! :)

Sharon said...

Miss you guys!!!


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