Thursday, June 16, 2011

our birthday celebration 2011

Every year Sammy and I get together to celebrate our birthdays.  We started this tradition in college since our birthdays are just three days apart. 


This year we celebrated at Hula Hut.  Great drinks, food and conversation made for a perfect birthday celebration.


I had a wonderful time and I'm so grateful to have such amazing friends to celebrate with! 


Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I had such a good time, I love you guys!!!

Shannan Riemer said...

What would I do with out you, Lisa?
You have been a constant grounding force in my life for so long.I love that I bounce every single new thought off of you and ever more I love that we are so different and so alike. I Love You.

thanks for making me pose for pictures, If it were up to me I would not take them and be sorry I didnt.


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