Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yogi Bear Lonestar 2010

Last Thursday we loaded up the camper and headed to Yogi Bear Park in Waller.  Last time we went to Jellystone Park at Canyon Lake, so we were excited to try this campground out.  We met Eric's parents there that afternoon and they had Emmy, Abby and Jake with them for the weekend.  The kids always have so much fun together and we are so glad we got to spend time with them!  Our friends the Millers, Longs and Simmons joined us Friday afternoon for a grand total of 9 adults and 12 kids.

Happy cousins ready for fun!

Lauren loved pulling Abby around by her bathing suit strings.

The water playground was amazing!  It had four slides and the giant picnic basket on the top dumped out water when it filled up.  The kids LOVED the slides and so did we!

The kids loved the curly tube slide too.

Can you believe Ethan and Austin went on this slide?  They went down it at least 20 times.  It was so much fun!

We ended up renting a limo golf cart to cruise around in all weekend.  The kids had a blast playing in it when we weren't using it and loved taking night time adventure rides through the forest with Eric and Rhys.

At night we ate yummy food, celebrated Matt's 5th birthday and roasted marshmallows.  Good times!

We loved the campground and are already planning next year's trip back!


Samantha said...

Looks like so much FUN!!! What a cool place!

erica said...

Great pics. The water park looks perfect for the kids. Big enough to be fun without being so big it's scary. Even Lauren got to ride the slides!

Mindy said...

Yes, that looked like a blast!!

Ellen said...

Love your pictures! How tall was that slide that Ethan and Austin went down? Looks a little scary.


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