Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The boys' first swim lesson and Lauren's last

Today the kids had their first swim lessons of the summer at our neighborhood pool.

Ethan jumped right in and did great!

Lauren waited patiently for her swim lesson. She loves the water, but we figured we had a 50/50 shot of her actually participating. 

Austin had fun at his lesson and did great too!

Lauren's class did not go so well.  Maybe it was the male instructor, the three older boys in her class, or the fact that the lesson was at a depth in the pool that was almost over her head, but she did not participate for most of the class. 

She did enjoy kicking in the shallow water for a minute, but that was the extent of her lesson.  Since it was obvious this swim class wasn't a good fit for Lauren, her swim lessons will continue in our cold hot tub and we will try again next year.


Ellen said...

What a difference a year can make! Selma was exactly that way last summer. Now she seems much more excited about the water. Hold on mama, it will change for the better. Are these lessons at the Y or your neighborhood pool?

Jennifer said...

Oh, I just LOVE Lauren!!!!


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