Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. Pigeon

10 days into the 21 day hatch, our teeny banty chicken poked a tiny hole in his egg.  This morning he made the hole bigger and bigger until he cracked it in half and plopped out.

See the two smiley faces?  I drew those on there the day we got him so I would know he was the egg with the already growing chicken inside.  We decided to name him Mr. Pigeon in tribute to the confused pigeon who sat on his egg and began his incubation.

After we took the shell off the top of him, he rested comfortably in his cupcake holder before we moved him to his next temporary home. 

Despite preferring to watch cartoons rather than the hatch, the boys really like the chicken now that's he is out of his shell.

Here he is!  He is black on top and has a yellow belly and tail.  He will spend the next week or so in the incubator until he is ready to go back and live on the farm where we got him.  Now let's just hope he doesn't cheep too loudly tonight!


erica said...

He's so cute!!

Ellen said...

busy day for you!


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