Thursday, July 1, 2010

Taylor's visit

 Taylor stayed with us for 4 nights and we had the best time!  Lauren was feeling puny, but she still loved spending time with her oldest cousin.
We had fun playing with the new LightScoop Eric got me for my birthday.  I am not a fan of flash photography, so this nifty gadget sits on top of my camera to bounce the flash off the ceiling.  I love how these pictures turned out!


We love you Taylor and we are so happy you came to spend some time with us! 


Samantha said...

LOVE the LightScoop! Such a great idea! Looks like you all had fun!

Jennifer said...

Taylor is GORGEOUS!!!!

What does "puny" mean?

Lisa said...

Eric didn't quite get my word choice either.

Here is what Websters says: To be feeling weak (puny). Definition: To feel unwell but not quite sick.

Rachael said...

think i need to order a light scoop. is yours the regular or warming?

Lisa said...

It's the regular one, but it still looks warm to me. :)


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