Thursday, June 11, 2009

morgan and molly's visit

Yesterday my old friend Rebecca and I got together to shop, let the kids play together and meet each other's new babies. Her parents live in the same community where my parents live, so it was very convenient to drop the boys off and go shopping. Lauren was a great little shopper and we had lots of fun!

Molly 2 1/2 months and Lauren 3 1/2 months
Molly was born one month after Lauren. Aren't they so cute together?

Ethan and Austin were absolutely smitten with Morgan. They both wanted to kiss her and Ethan couldn't stop staring at her! So cute!

Morgan is 7 months younger than Ethan and 7 months older than Austin. I wonder which one will win her heart? :)


erica said...

The girls are beautiful! How cool that you each had a little girl so close together.

Shannan Riemer said...

They look like little dolls next to eachother, how sweet.

p.s. you and becca look great,too.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh, they are sooo cute! They DO like little dolls. Precious!


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