Sunday, June 1, 2008

whirlwind weekend

My oldest and dearest friend Rebecca came to see us this weekend and brought her adorable little girl Morgan. She is 7 months younger than Ethan and 7 months older than Austin. She is such a doll! It was so neat to see our kids playing and having a great time together.

Later that afternoon our neighbors hosted a crawfish boil. When you add up friends, water slides and ice cream, they equal two happy little boys!

Today I took Ethan to a bowling party. It was during Austin's nap, so just Ethan and I went. I loved spending time alone with him and we had a great time together. He loved bowling and wants to go back with his brother and daddy soon.

This afternoon was Sarah's baby shower for Daniel. I love baby showers and all the fun stuff that comes along with them. Teenie tiny diapers, hats and onsies are so cute! I'm so excited for Sarah and I can't wait to meet her new little bundle of joy!

Yesterday was my Dad's 69th birthday. We celebrated by going out to eat together. I'm very lucky to have a Dad like him who is so supportive and loving. I love you Dad!


Kimberly said...

Wow! A busy weekend! I miss our Scrabble games....I'll start one soon!

Shannan said...

busy busy..I am glad to be a part of it;)

Sherry said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it. I can't wait till this weekend.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like FUN! Great pics, as always. ;)


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