Friday, October 17, 2008

Some days

I'll admit it. Some days being a mom is harder than others. Some days I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world and just want to eat my kids up. Some days I feel like every other frazzled mommy out there who wants to pull her hair out.

Some days the kids cry about every little thing. Fighting over toys, crying for juice instead of asking for it and having temper tantrums sometimes fill my kids' days. Some days they play peacefully in the yard, share toys and have little toddler conversations with each other.

What makes the difference in the kids behavior? Sometimes their moodiness can be caused by hunger, sickness or being too tired. Or, it could just be the toddler years. The challenge as a mom is to figure it out and try to help them get in control of their emotions.

When the kids cry or whine to get something they want, I usually ask them not to cry and instead to ask for it like a big boy. I usually rephrase their demand in a nice way with a happy voice so they understand. It makes me smile inside to see my wet-eyed kid ask for something with a fake smile and voice just to get it. Hey, at least they are learning and I'm not loosing my mind as much.

Today I'm making a conscientious effort to play with the kids more. It's easy to give them half my attention as we rush through our day. Today I have uncomfortably sat on the floor to play with them a lot. It makes my day better and theirs too. Sometimes it's hard to get up with my ever expanding belly, but it's worth it. I sure love these kids even on their not so great days.

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