Wednesday, October 22, 2008

blue no more

We repainted Lauren's room this weekend from blue to green. The boys had fun starting off the painting. They have a very brave daddy who helped them draw shapes on the wall. Eric painted the entire room and didn't complain once. He is not a painter, so this was a big deal. He is already spoiling his little girl and she is not even here yet!

Here is a sneak peak at her room. I want to have it done before the holidays so I can concentrate on that instead of obsessing over it anymore. We still have some work to do, but it's coming together nicely and it's been so fun!

Look what is blooming outside her window. It hasn't bloomed all summer and it just started this week. It's so pretty!


Tamara said...

Your nursery is beautiful! The birdie bedding is darling, and I love the tree!

erica said...

God wants the outside of her room to be as pretty as the inside. The flower matches her decor perfectly! I love the picture of "Super Austin" sitting in the corner watching Ethan paint.

Jennifer said...

So sweet! I cant wait to see it all finished!

Mindy said...

Awesome! It's going to be beautiful just like Lauren!


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