Monday, October 27, 2008

LNO weekend away

I spent this weekend with my old friends I used to work with back when my brain worked and I got paid to use it. We left Friday morning and headed to Fredericksburg for shopping and lunch. It was fun to browse all the cute little shops. Would you believe I only bought two monster stuffed animals for my boys? Pathetic, I know. That afternoon we headed to Roddy Tree Ranch where we had rented a 4 bedroom house. It's a really neat ranch with two pools, petting zoo, tree house and dances in the summer. It would be the perfect place to host a family reunion. There were graffitied rocks in the kitchen of the house, so we had to leave our mark too.

We had dinner in Kerrville at a great restaurant called Jazz. They had the best fried shrimp and I got to watch everyone else enjoy the adult beverages. The fried shrimp helped to ease my pain of not having a margarita.

Saturday we slept in and spent the morning relaxing. It was so nice to chat in our pajamas as we leisurely ate breakfast. We finally decided to get dressed around 1 and headed to town for some shopping. We soon learned that there is no shopping in the ghost town of Ingrahm.

On our way back to reality, we dropped our leftovers off with the ranch animals. They were very happy to munch on our tortillas and pasta salad.

I had such a great relaxing weekend and I feel so lucky to have such good friends and a husband that's willing to let me go. I came home to a perfectly clean house with flowers on the table. I sure was lucky when I found Eric!


Mindy said...

Looks like fun!! Isn't it nice to get a little time away?

Jennifer said...

What a great weekend!!


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