Thursday, July 31, 2008

that damn cat

Why is it the day that all four kids go to sleep at the same time for two hours, is the day the cat was accidentally locked in the room with the sleeping kid? Of course it is also the day I attempted to take a nap and was awoken to a loud meowing. After I let her out of the room, I attempted to lay down again. Apparently she had eaten and was ready to go outside, because she meowed again in the hall. It is not a cute little meow, it's a loud, crying mmmeeeeooowwwww! If she would have woken anyone up, she might not have lived to see another day. So it wasn't the kids waking me up this day, it was the damn cat. The cat that I'm allergic to and don't particularly like. Good thing Eric loves her or she would be shipped off to a far away land.


Sherry said...

I like the cat, too. I see why she may not like you.

Mindy said...

I have had many a day where I wanted to punt the cat across the room for waking up kids with loud meowing. He's worse because he stands by the "cat door" which he's fully capable of going out and meows loudly so that someone will open the door to the garage and let him out! The cat hears many an explative from me!!

erica said...

Sounds like the cat needs to go live with Aunt Sherry : ) Maggie loves it at Aunt Susan's house.


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