Tuesday, July 15, 2008


When I met Eric 10 years ago I saw potential. It was deep down potential, but it was potential nonetheless.

Six months after we started dating, we went to visit Eric's sister and her 5 day old baby for Easter. We decided to go out to eat dinner to celebrate. Jennifer said she had to get the baby from her crib and put her in her car seat so we could leave. My husband-to-be asked "Why do we need to take her with us? She is only 5 days old, she is asleep, and she can't get out of the crib." He was serious. I can't believe I didn't run screaming at that moment.

About six months later, my sister called to tell me she was having her fourth child. In my excitement, I called my loving boyfriend to tell him the good news. Eric said "What will she do with it, put it up for adoption? No one has 4 children on purpose, do they?" Although I hung up the phone on him, we still stayed together and I never gave up on him.

In spite of these warning signals, I still married him and now we have children of our own. Who would have thought the young, moronic boy he was could grown into such a great father and husband. I always knew he had the potential.


Mindy said...

That's hilarious! What's wrong with these men? What would they do without us? Just wander along through life in a confused haze? Too funny!

Jennifer said...

How sweet! ;)

Shannan said...

haha. I bet posed with the same situation most men would have reacted the same way.

Sherry said...

That might have been something I shouldn't have heard. How does he feel about my sweet Tatum now?


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