Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good golly Dolly!

Not even a hurricane will stop us from enjoying our family vacation in Port Aransas, Texas. No, a little wind and rain won't slow us down. Our car was packed so full with everything from pack-n-plays to beach toys, we could not have fit one more thing in the car. We caravaned to the beach along with Eric's parents and sister's family.

We had visions of letting the boys enjoy looking for dolphins on the ferry ride, but instead we were locked in our car in the pouring rain.

Our condo is really nice. It's a good thing, because we are going to be spending the next day or so inside until the rain and wind dies down.

Being the determined family that we are, we decided to check out the beach despite Hurricane Dolly hitting the coastline 160 miles south of us. The waves were gigantic, the wind was ridiculously gusty and the tide was very high. The kids had fun jumping over the waves and splashing in the water.

Austin had enough of the water and preferred to perch on this post.

Our beautiful wind blown look after our crazy beach walk

We ended the night playing a game of duck, duck, goose. The kids all had fun, but Austin really got into it. He ran no matter if he was the goose or not. Since the kids had fun and it wore them out, we will be playing duck, duck, goose every day!

Hopefully my next post will be much more bright and sunny!


Sharon said...

Glad you guys are making the best of it. I am sending Hot, Sunny weather your way... at least I am trying to!

Jennifer said...

Of course you guys would have fun in a hurricane!!!! :)


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