Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rhys' non-birthday party

Saturday we celebrated  Rhys' birthday.  He is not a big birthday guy, so he didn't tell us it was his special day even though he was coming over to hang out.  When I saw on Facebook that it was his birthday, so we had to throw together a mini party for him! 

Lauren loved the cupcakes.  Well, she loved the icing on the cupcakes.

Rhys loves babies and Max LOVED Rhys.

Lauren on the other hand, wasn't too sure what to think of Rhys trying to eat Max's toes.  She must have said "no" 50 times to try to get him to stop.  She even looked at Sammy and pointed as if to say "Aren't you going to do anything about that man eating your baby?".  It was so funny!

The ducks were a big hit with the kids of course.

We insisted Rhys blow out a birthday candle.  It was great time, spent with great friends! 

 Happy Birthday Rhys!


erica said...

How sweet. Max looks great on his quilt : )

Jennifer said...

We had sooooooo much fun!!!! :)


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