Monday, March 14, 2011

PBS Kids at SXSW

Saturday I was fortunate to attend to the SXSW PBS Kids Interactive Brunch for momma bloggers.

Our family loves PBS, so it was very exciting to meet the masterminds behind all our favorite PBS shows and the team responsible for the interactive online site.  The boys love playing on  It's educational and fun!    

Stephanie, Sammy and me

I did geek out a little when I met Linda Simensky, the Senior Director of Children's Programming for PBS.  Her passion for kids' education was inspiring!

Some of our favorite PBS shows are Dinosaur Train, Word World and Cat in the Hat.  If you haven't watched them with your kids or visited the PBS Kids website, you must check it out!


Jennifer said...

How cool!!!! We love PBS! :)

I'm just the MOM said...

It was a super fun brunch! I'm glad I got to meet you! Can't wait to meet up again :)


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