Thursday, August 26, 2010

while Ethan is away...

Austin and Lauren will play! 

Austin and Lauren have been having a good time playing together while their big brother is off at school. 

When I came home from dropping Ethan off at school this morning at 7:30, this is how I found the two of them watching TV on the couch.  So sweet!

And this is how Austin looked right before we rushed off to pick Ethan up from school.  I learned a valuable lesson today... If Austin is asleep when it's time to pick up Ethan, give him a whole lot of time to wake up before throwing him in the car.  Trust me, I won't make that mistake again!


erica said...

Love the Austin on the couch picture. I know about those unhappy car rides.

Kimberly said...

Sweet pictures! I use to have to wake up my girls to pick up Alli- that is the worse!

Jennifer said...

I love Lauren's pigtails!! They look so sweet together on the couch......I love those moments.


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