Tuesday, August 3, 2010

craft hope homies

A couple weeks ago, Erica hosted another Craft Hope girls' night to work on their latest craft project.  Our goal was to make hand towels and washcloths that would be used to clean turtles that were effected by the oil spill.  We all brought old towels and t-shirts and cut them to the necessary sizes.  We filled a huge tub with towels and Dawn dish soap.  The creator of Craft Hope lives here in Austin and personally delivered our towels to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.  It was so exciting to see pictures of our towels making a difference!  The thought that some cute little turtle will be cleaned with my old Gristmill t-shirt makes me smile.

You can read about the other projects we've done here and here.

I'm very excited about Craft Hope's latest project!  They will be working with ConKerr Cancer to provide pillowcases for terminally ill children in hopes to put smiles on their faces while in the hospital.  The deadline is September 15th and I can't wait to get started on my pillowcases.  Craft Hope has free patterns on their websites for anyone who would like to participate.  Happy sewing!


Mindy said...

Love that pic! And love Craft Hope!

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erica said...

Nice pic.


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