Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Market Days

1. Eric popping kettle corn.  That stuff is addicting!
2. Ethan really wants this $165 treehouse plant stand.  Anyone want to buy it for him since his momma won't?
3. A backyard chicken coop that made me think of Erica.
4. Enjoying a gorgeous day with my sweet kids.


erica said...

The treehouse plant stand is awesome! You could fill that think up with amazing plants... LOVE the chicken house.

Tamara said...

We were hoping to see y'all...this was the first time we'd been in probably 10 years! But we didn't realize it closed at 4, and we didn't get there til 3. Finally found your booth at about 5 til 4! Oh well! We'll be back!

Shannan Riemer said...

I want some kettle corn-NOW!!!!!!

Jacob just pointed to the picture of Austin and said"Thats Jacob, Mama" I said"no, thats Austin" he said "oh..yea":)

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm........kettle corn!
Let me know when you guys will be there again!


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