Monday, May 3, 2010

the "contraption"

When a handy guy and a crafty girl work on a project together, crazy contraptions are made.

Eric had the idea to make our own pack-n-play for Lauren's bunk bed spot in the camper. Eric installed the wooden dowels and I sewed up the fabric and mesh contraption.  We put heavy duty velcro on the sides so she can't push it over to squeeze out.  It's so nice to have her safe and secure without squeezing a pack-n-play in the camper. After spending hours sewing this bad boy up, I was so nervous she would be able to crawl over it or weasel out in a way we hadn't thought of.  Thank goodness our first camping trip was successful and she slept like a champ in it!


erica said...

It looks great! A custom made pack and play for campers. There's an untapped market...

Jennifer said...

You crack me up! I love it!


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