Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduation Day!

Today was Ethan and Austin's last day of preschool.  Austin graduated to the 4 year old classroom and Ethan is on his way to kindergarten!  The boys sure have grown up a lot since their last day of school last year.

They both sang songs with their classmates and received class awards.  Ethan received the "Most Teachable" award. 

Austin's award was the "Lifesaver" candy award for being such a good helper.

Grandma, Grandpa and Tatum came to watch the ceremonies and the boys were so happy to have them there. 
Proud momma and daddy!
It's hard to believe Ethan will go to kindergarten in the fall.  He is very excited and so are we!


erica said...

Ethan looks so cute in his cap and gown. And so old! They're growing up sooooo fast. Austin already knows to hang out with the prettiest girls. Watch out!

Mindy said...

Very sweet! Did you cry? I did at both of mine. I didn't when they went to Kindergarten though!

Jennifer said...

Such handsome boys Lisa!!!!


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