Thursday, May 14, 2009

magnet mania

I have a new favorite craft project.

Glass marble magnets.

They are super easy to make, provide almost instant gratification, and I get to coordinate beautiful scrapbook paper to my heart's content.

These gift card holder tins from Hobby Lobby fit them well and the magnets stick to the tin. So cute!

Here is what you will need to make some of your very own super easy, super cute magnets:
  • Glass gems from the floral section
  • Jewel-It or silicon glue
  • button magnets
  • scrapbook paper or tiny images from a magazine

First, inspect the marbles for imperfections and toss any with star burst like this one. The clearer, the better.

Next, hold the scrapbook paper firmly against the marble with the pretty side of the paper up. Trim around the marble at an angle so there isn't a lot of excess hanging over the edge.

Add a dab of glue and smear around. Make sure there are no bubbles and the paper is smooth. I am too impatient to allow the glue to dry, so I added the magnet right away and it turned out fine. I suggest doing one magnet at a time so the magnets don't stick together and make things more difficult.

Don't be surprised if you get these as gifts from me for your birthday... and Christmas... and any other excuse I can think of!


Jennifer said...

You are so Martha! ;)

erica said...

Love it! Love the post, love the magnets, love the tutorial. I'm expecting a set for Memorial Day : )

Erika Pollock said...

I am super impressed! I have no creative talent at all! So great meeting you and your boys! have a great weekend

The Clarks said...

This is a really cool idea. I'm not crafty, but this I really like. Now, if I can find the time to get to Hobby Lobby :-) Jessica C.

Julie said...

Love it Lisa! Do the gift card tins come pre-decorated? I am making some this weekend!!!


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