Thursday, May 1, 2008


My friend Kim tagged me to post three random things about myself. I've never been tagged before! Sammy introduced Kim and I because she thought we were so much alike. We met for lunch one day and then started playing Bug Cafe together. I've really enjoyed getting to know her. We have only seen each other three times: at Sammy's wedding, baby shower and at lunch. We talk almost every day through Bug Cafe and I'm so happy Sammy introduced us!

Here are my three random things about me...

1. I used to hate going to the grocery store and now I LOVE it. I usually go at night when the kids are in bed. It's my time to get out of the house and be alone. I rarely take the kids, but when I do they are pretty good when bribed by a balloon and lollipop. I have probably only taken both kids to the grocery store a handful of times!

2. I collected beanie babies in college. It started because my mom and sister would ask me to buy them for them when they were really popular. I kept a few ones I thought were cute and ended up with probably 30 of them. I remember seeing the horror on Sammy's face the first time she saw them in my room. It was my dirty little secret and they are now in a tub in the attic. Now Ethan LOVES the Teenie Beanies McDonalds gave away during the craze and likes to sleep with them at night. Who knew my secret love of beanie babies would be passed on to my son!

3. I LOVE photography. I am a little embarrassed to say I have taken 3,524 photos in the four and a half months since I got my new camera. That doesn't include the hundreds of pictures I have deleted so I don't run out of space on my computers. I really enjoy playing with lighting, composition and camera angles. I still want to take a class so I can learn the fundamentals of photography.

OK, so now I tag Mindy, Sherry and Jennifer!

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Kimberly said...

Your photography already looks great without having any classes! Maybe you can take pictures of the girls this summer when we make it up to Austin!


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