Tuesday, May 6, 2008

book worm

I read my first book since Austin was born a couple months ago. I love to read. I read a lot in high school and college, but since I've had kids I haven't read much. The problem is I get so into the book it's hard for me to put it down. Needless to say, I have to put it down a lot with two to four toddlers running around my house at all times! I'm glad I'm reading again and thanks to Sammy and Erica for loaning me these great books! Any suggestions for my next book?

The Memory Keeper's Daughter
by Kim Edwards
Straight Up and Dirty
by Stephanie Klein
The Other Boleyn Girl
by Philippa Gregory


Brenda said...

You should try " in defense of food". I just finished reading it and it was great. It had wonderful tips like " don't get your food at the same place your car does".

Mindy said...

I totally got out of the habit of reading when I had kids. It seemed the only literature I was consuming were books on babies and kids!! It's nice to have an escape from the everyday though.

Jennifer said...

I need to read 'straight up...' before May 27th! ;)

Shannan said...

Yay! I am so happy you are reading now, I was just about to email everyone to see if they wanted to start a book club. We can read the same books I read in my book club.

I have Little Earthquakes that I will loan you, its easy and good. I will blog a review soon;)

erica said...

Yes, we should start a book club.


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