Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day camping

We celebrated our Labor Day weekend with friends at Pecan Park in San Marcos.  The river was down, but there was still plenty of water for swimming and tubing. 

Ethan took this picture of us with my phone. 

The kids had a blast in the pool.  For the first time since having kids, I didn't have to get in the water with them!  It was awesome!  The boys can swim like fish and Lauren loves swimming around in her puddle jumper. 

After a long day playing hard, the kids relaxed in their pajamas and watched Tangled.

Sunday Eric and the boys floated down the San Marcos River with Markus, Constanze, Suzanna, Julius and Vivian.  The boys loved the hour and a half float!


Eric and Markus just happened to have matching swim trunks. How sweet!


Lauren and I enjoyed a nice nap and then waited at the river to watch them float in.  When Constanze offered to watch Lauren so I could float with Eric and the boys later that afternoon, I jumped on the chance.  I LOVE tubing!  Thank you Constanze!

It was a relaxing weekend and we are looking forward to fall camping!


Jennifer said...

Looks like a great time! :)

erica said...

Ethan did a great job taking your pic.


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