Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Saturday the boys had their first soccer game of the season!  We joined a new league, so they have new coaches and teammates. 

Look at that form!

Before Austin's game, the coach had the players do a couple side line to side line races. 

I love the determination on his face!

Lauren was very encouraging to her big brother.

Austin scored 4 goals!


He gave his signature thumbs up after each goal. 

The field Ethan's team plays on is huge!  The league allow 4 players on the field at a time for Ethan's team and Austin's team can have 3.

Ethan missed playing soccer this spring when he played T-ball, but he jumped right in again.

Ethan scored a goal!  It was a great shot from pretty far away from the goal.  He was so excited and so were we!

We are so proud of our little soccer players! 


erica said...

They both look so grown up in their soccer uniforms.

Mindy said...

Awesome pics Lisa!!


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