Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sports Saturday

Saturday we had Ethan's first T ball game and Austin's first soccer game of the season. 

Austin's game was first at 8 am. He did great and came close to scoring two goals.  He is a speedy little guy!

He had a great game and we were so proud of him!

Ethan had his very first T ball game at 11:30.  After playing soccer for 3 seasons and basketball this winter, he decided he wanted to try T ball. 

He had an awesome first game!  He hit the ball great at his two times up at bat and he made it safe to first both times.

Baseball ready!

We were so excited when he crossed home plate and scored a run for the first time.

It was a fun filled Saturday and the first of many weekends to come spent attending back to back sports events!


erica said...

Ethan and Austin both look really cute in their uniforms.

Jennifer said...

Oh my....they are so cute! So, does Lauren want to run out there and play with her brothers during the games?


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