Thursday, April 22, 2010

Austin's big day

Austin spent his birthday eating pizza, going for a nature walk and eating ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa.

Our picnic at the park.

The boys took turns pretending to be a troll under the bridge. Any time Ethan tried to pick what game they were playing throughout the day, Austin would say "It's my birthday, so I get to pick!".

He picked out his favorite shirt to wear too.  I love this sweet, spirited little guy!

We had a family dinner outside and celebrated Austin's birthday with cake.  In honor of Earth week, we ate yummy recycled birthday cake.  Austin had a wonderful birthday and we are looking forward to celebrating again this weekend with family and friends!


Jennifer said...

What a cutie! We are excited about Saturday!!!

erica said...

What a great birthday! Smores, smores, smores on Sat : )

Shannan Riemer said...

so green, love it.


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