Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"getting ready for a merry Christmas"

The boys have really enjoyed putting up the Christmas tree and "getting ready for a Merry Christmas" as Ethan would say. Yesterday I let them pick out an ornament to put on the tree. They were so excited to show Eric the ornament they picked and hang it on the tree.

Ethan picked out a Wall-e robot ornament

Austin picked out a Little Einstein Rocket ornament that plays the song from the cartoon. He was very proud of it!

The pace we are going with decorating the tree, it may not be done by Christmas. Oh well, the boys are having so much fun every night that it's worth it! There is nothing like seeing your children so happy and excited about Christmas.

It's our tradition that every year we get an ornament to represent that year. My parents started this tradition for my sister and I when we were born. Our tree may not be filled with matching ornaments and beautiful decorations, but I love that it is filled with wonderful memories of our lives.

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