Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 87th Birthday Grandma!


Thank you for being such a loving grandmother to me. You always made me feel special by spending time with me. It means a lot to me that you always remember to send a card on my birthday and anniversary. You are such a strong person and I hope to be just as “young” as you when I’m your age. I love you very much and I’m so glad you are my grandma. Happy Birthday!


Things I remember about going to my Grandma’s house when I was little… Grandma telling me stories about little kids eating watermelon seeds. Going with Grandma and her friends for walks around the school track. She helped me make a trap to try to catch a ground squirrel. Eating Spam (for you youngsters, I'm not talking about spam email!) Grandma playing dolls with me instead of watching me play with my dolls. Hiding in the dirty clothes hamper. Pancakes made into the shape of Mickey Mouse. Her making me a special dress to wear to the Sadie Hawkins dance in 8th grade. Making movies with the video camera and watching them on the projector. The beautiful quilts she made. Grandpa. Taking family vacations together. Playing Yahtzee and Grandma saying “If it was Indian days, I’d shoot ya.”

I love you Grandma!

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Shannan said...

what a sweet post! I love the last comment, I think I will have to start using it.


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