Friday, June 27, 2008

fun with friends

Erica was brave enough to bring her kids over yesterday to play. We had six little kids four and under running around. The kids had a picnic in the living room while watching Annie. They were mesmerized by the singing orphans.

We always attempt to take a group picture of the kids. Most of our attempts are unsuccessful. This one turned out pretty cute.

Last night we had a grown up play time. We met at Sammy's for fish tacos, carmel apples and chocolate covered strawberries. We ate like it was our last meal and had a great time chatting. We played the game True Colors and learned new things about each other. Each of us learned what everyone thought of us too. Good thing we are all great friends and love each other!

Sometimes we get too rowdy and it's hard to take a picture of us grown ups too!


Steph said...

Oh I love that game!

picnic in the living room w/Annie? priceless....

Samantha said...

The last picture is awesome! Thanks for the laugh! Wish I were there:(..


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