Monday, August 25, 2014

First day of school 2014

 Today was a big day!  It was the first day of school for all three of our kiddos! 

Ethan is in fourth grade!  Not sure how that happened!  

Austin will be in third!

Our baby girl is in kindergarten! 

 They all chose what they wanted to wear.  Lauren loves kitties, so a kitty dress was perfect for her.  Austin is our soccer guy, so he chose a soccer t shirt.  I bought Ethan a new green shirt to wear, but our little comedian thought it would be funny to wear his "My monster ate my homework" shirt on the first day of school since there is no homework.  Funny kid!

They were so excited!  I set my alarm for 6 and the boys were already dressed and putting on their shoes when I got up.  We left for the bus stop at 6:55 and it was still dark outside.

They jumped on the bus happy as could be! 

She was so excited to ride on the bus with her friends Madi and Cooper!

We met them at the school to walk them into class.

We literally had to make them wait for us because they were about to just go happily to their classes! 

Lauren's new teacher is so sweet.  I hope she's ready for feisty Lauren!

Austin's teacher is so nice.  He didn't like me taking his picture, but he let me.  Ethan did not!  Oh well, it was a wonderful first day of school and we are so proud of our kids! 

Now to enjoy my day!  Maybe now I will blog more than once every couple months!

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