Monday, August 11, 2014

BBQ Cookoff

Every summer Eric's parents take the kids for a week to stay at their house.  The kids LOVE it!  They spent time swimming, doing crafts, going to movies and hanging out with their cousins.

Since Eric and I were kid free, we loaded up the camper and went to Fredricksburg for some fun! 

Jackie and Chris met us there Friday.  Jackie and I went shopping and made new friends. 

 Eric and I had never been to Lukenbach.  It was cool!

Friday night we went to Bikinis, TX for more fun.  There atmosphere is great!  We heard an awesome duo perform and I even got to sing on stage with them.

Saturday we hung out all day at Bikinis and participated in our first BBQ cookoff.  Felisha and Jared have an awesome pit they used to slow cook the meat on all night and day.

 Felisha cooked chicken and brisket while Eric smoked ribs.

Jackie and I tasted it all to make sure it was up to par.

In the end, Felisha won first place for her chicken, second place for brisket and Eric got second place for ribs.  Not to bad!  It was so much fun!

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