Thursday, May 3, 2012

God's timing is perfect


Last week we closed on the sale of our first home.  We had this house built, picked every detail and put lots of effort into making it our home. We lived here for almost 9 years and brought three babies home to it.

The closing was bittersweet.  While we are excited about what lies ahead for us, we will really miss our house and neighborhood.  At one point while we were signing paperwork, the title administrator asked us our forwarding address.  Hmm, good question...  We gave her our parents' address and told her we hadn't found a house yet. 

We have been praying for the perfect house for our family and that God would lead us where He wants us.  I'd been obsessively checking my phone every time I received an email just in case a house popped up for us.  With the market being so hot, we knew we would have to move fast. 

When a house meeting our criteria popped up, I texted Sammy "It's go time!".  I immediately ran to Eric and told him I found a great house. He had already found it on his search and was looking at it on the tablet!  Sammy and Chris met us at the gorgeous 2800 square foot house sitting on over a third of an acre in a great neighborhood.  It had everything we wanted... Four bedrooms, study, two living spaces, big yard and a nice kitchen.  It even had some things that were more than we had hoped for...  Mud room, study nook for the kids' homework/art supplies, workshop for Eric, greenbelt views and adjoining rooms for the boys.  It was too good to be true. 

We tried really hard not to get too excited since we had been burned before.  We put an offer in and waited.  Waited and waited.  Six days later, we still hadn't heard anything and were starting to get discouraged.  We continued to pray that God would put us where He wanted us.

Now back to our closing... 
We finished signing paperwork and while the title administrator went to make copies for us, Chris got the email that we got the house! 

God's timing is perfect! 

We are scheduled to close a week before we move out of this house.  How perfect is that?  God is good!


Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

That is so awesome!! Gorgeous house. :) Congratulations to your family!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Congrats! It is gorgeous!!


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