Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

The kids were still in their pajamas on Christmas Eve morning when they started begging to open Christmas presents.

Austin really enjoyed Tatum's new foot spa.

We did lots of lounging around.

Grandma gave the boys Zombie Lab and they were so excited!

We drank zombie brains, ate skin and created creepy bugs.

I'd say Zombie Lab was a hit for our crew!

Every year we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and open Christmas pajamas.  This year we had a Dirty Santa exchange too. 

Lauren took the exchange very seriously, but wanted to keep every present she touched.  Ethan was less than thrilled when he opened his camo duct tape.

My mom and dad surprised me with a Clarsonic Mia and Eric with a Belgium waffle maker.  Can't wait to test them out!

We played Spoons with plastic forks and the game got violent.  There were injuries and broken forks, but we all had fun.  Apparently I'm more competitive than I thought I was.

That night, the boys told Buddy they loved him and couldn't wait to see him next year.  They had a hard time falling asleep, but were very excited to see what Santa would bring them in the morning! 

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