Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pokemon obsession

Somehow my children became obsessed with Pokemon.  It all started last year when Ethan's friends wanted to play Pokemon on the playground, but Ethan didn't know what it was.  Being the cool mom that I am, I recorded a Pokemon for him so he would know a little about it and be able to join in on the fun.  Ethan quickly learned all about Pokemon and got his brother and sister obsessed too. 

When my parents took the kids on a road trip to my sister's house this summer, I sent little presents for them to open on the 7 hour trip.  I made a huge mistake and included some Pokemon cards.  I've only bought them a couple packs of cards, so up until yesterday they only had a handful of cards each.  That all changed when they were given this...

 A giant box full of Pokemon cards!  Jackpot! 

I bought them some binders with sleeves so they could organize their cards and they had so much fun putting them together!

This little girl has her very own binder full of all the pink, girly Pokemon cards and she loves them every bit as much as her older brothers!

I collected Garbage Pail Kids cards when I was little and Eric collected baseball cards, so it's fun to relive the fun again through our kids! 

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Jennifer said...

Garbage Pail Kids were the BOMB!


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