Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween fun at school

Friday the kids got to dress up at school!  The kindergartners had a big parade around the school.  Aren't they cute?


Lauren waived to all the big kids.

Luke Skywalker

After the parade, I volunteered in Austin's class while they had some spooky centers to learn about the five senses.  They made some yummy witches brew to taste and loved it.

They also had to smell some mystery items and guess what was in the cup.  Of course, our stinker Austin is peeking in this picture.

Then I had to say goodbye to Austin and head over to Ethan's classroom to volunteer for their Halloween centers.  I was in charge of Bingo and it was great to get to know all the kids.  Isn't our Ash Ketchum so cute?

It was a great morning and we are looking forward to more Halloween fun!

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