Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Monday we set out our crib with the trash!  Drop side cribs are no longer considered safe, so there was no point in keeping it.  It served us well through all three of our babies.  It's so nice to have more space in Lauren's room.  Now I need to paint her dresser to match her bed and make her pillow shams.  Always something to do!

Instead of throwing her sliding storage drawer out too, we decided to repurpose it in the boys' room.  It is now a Lego drawer that slides under their beds. 

It's working great and the kids love it!  Installing the wood floors forced us to reorganize our stuff, and I'm loving the lack of clutter and everything having a place!

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Jennifer said...

Her room looks GREAT! I am so jealous of your floors. My mom is trying to convince Luis to get the ceramic tile that looks like wood floors.


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