Monday, May 9, 2011

Ethan's fun day

Friday Ethan had his field day at school.  Eric went up there to cheer him on and take some pictures. 

They played leap frog...

a hula hoop game...

and a balance game with a plunger and ball. 

Eric caught Ethan trying to knock over his classmate's ball!  After Eric got on to him, he apologized to his friend. What a stinker! 

Later that day, Ethan rode his bike home from school for the first time!  The school is about a mile and a half away and he was very excited about it!

I am so proud of my big kindergartner! 


erica said...

Ethan's field day shirt is too cute! Wow on the riding his bike home from school. That's a big deal.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha, little stinker!;)

Ellen said...

Almost a kindergartener!


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