Monday, May 2, 2011

Austin's 5th Birthday Pirate Party

Sunday we celebrated Austin's 5th birthday with a pirate party!

Gege and Granddaddy brought their boat and the kids loved walking the plank! 

Pirate Captain Austin

We served our version of pirate food...  meatballs (cannonballs), chicken wings (Jack Sparrow's wings), mango salsa (Pirates of the Caribbean mango salsa), Pirate's Booty, goldfish crackers (catch of the day), and hummus and pita chips (Captain Hook's hummus). 

Jennifer's family came in town to visit this weekend and it was so good to see them.  They had to head back Sunday afternoon before the party, but Jake got to spend the night and celebrate with Austin.  The boys always have so much fun together and they loved having Jake at the party.

The kids had fun digging for treasure in the sand, hunting for the pinata treasure chest and walking the plank.

Lauren had her pink monkey help her hit the pinata.

We celebrated Tony and Chris' birthdays too! 

Usually opening presents is the most stressful time of the party.  Not so this time!  Austin sat up high on a chair so we could all see and Hannah handed him the presents while Hayden and Ethan were on clean up duty.  It was great!

Austin even got a live cricket from Madison for his birthday.  She sure knows the way to Austin's heart!

It was a fun party and I'm so glad our friends and family came over to celebrate Austin's big birthday! 

Happy Birthday Austin!  We love you!


Jennifer said...

Everything was wonderful Lisa! Thank you! :)

erica said...

It looks like a really great party. I'm sorry we missed it.

Shannan Riemer said...

You are such a great party planner! We had a great time:)

Ellen said...

That's a "sharp" present Austin's holding!


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