Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the patchwork lollipop

I'm happy to say that my Etsy store is doing well!   I just sold my 100th item!  When I first started it, I planned to sell handmade items and a little fabric.  After realizing that I enjoy buying and selling fabric a lot more than waiting on my handmade things to sell, I now only sell fabric. I love that I can make a little extra money doing what I enjoy, while growing my own fabric stash too. It's a win, win.

I love getting fabric in the mail, cutting it and getting it all folded and ready to sell.  I would never have guessed I would love doing this 6 years ago when I worked for DFS!

My talented friend Ellen wrote my profile bio for me. 


My store is building up inventory and I have more on the way. 

When I decided I needed a new store logo, Eric designed this logo for me for Valentine's Day.  I love it and think he did a great job. We have more ideas on how to improve it and plan to have a graphic designer make the final adjustments.

Here's to a couple hundred more sales!

P.S. I was just Treasured on Etsy!  So cool!

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Ellen said...

I am so proud of you. Can't wait to watch your store grow!


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