Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hump day happenings

Today was Ethan's 100th day of school.  When he had to bring a baggie full of 100 things as an assignment, he decided to bring Legos.
Lauren is the pickiest eater. Ever.  She doesn't usually eat meat unless it is breaded and deep fried.  As frustrating as it is, we keep offering the good stuff in hopes that one day she will eat it.  Imagine our surprise when she grabbed a rib and started going to town. 

She loved it!  If we could just get her to taste more foods, she may actually like them!

My parents stopped by today for a visit.  Austin and Grandma played Memory. 

Last night the temps dropped to 18 degrees and tonight it is supposed to get even colder.  We are all hunkered down and hopefully we will have power all night.  Brrr! 


erica said...

Like the green blog. Love the pic of Lauren with a rib! I think Austin and your mom might have the same smile : )

Rachael said...

ahhh that makes me feel so much better to hear L is a picky eater! Camden hardly eats anything healthy. she's the worst with fruits/veggies/meats lately :( she'll eat peanut butter sandwiches like they're going out of style and loves her dessert these days too!


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