Friday, January 7, 2011

our little mess

Lauren is at such a fun age!  She can communicate now and her playful personality is really coming out.  She loves the play food Gege got her for Christmas and of course her favorite things to play with are the Coke bottle and ice cream cone. 

She is quite the handful!  She jumped in the bathtub fully clothed before we could stop her.

Eric and I died laughing when we saw her impression of a plumber! We love our little mess!


erica said...

That's waaaaay cuter than plumber's crack.

Jennifer said...

Charlize and Madelynn LOVED the last picture!! Charlize said "Her Mommy took that picture?!" :)

Rachael said...

she is one CUTE mess!

Jennie said...

I meant to tell you today how much I enjoyed this post - SUPER cute!


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